Shanghai Longfeng experience sharing how do the chain can better be included

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4 Links exchange, can be said that the most stable quality of the anchor text chain is Links. So when choosing Links to choose high quality, the correlation of this website, I don’t have to say.

3 in the classification of information website content, such as 58 city, ganji贵族宝贝, list of network, content inside the website links, such as recruitment information, can be added later, please visit the website or company address: * * * *, ******

2 high quality original articles can also choose to contribute, such as posting A5 Adsense nets, the laggards forum, forum and so on, the article add links to your web site, and is responsible for the release of the submission before editing to communicate well, keep the link released. For some of their registration can be posted in the forum, the note can add links, please keep the link in the back. But to promote the chain to pay attention to the time, because the spider is divided into segments when crawling, a hair too much is not conducive to the promotion of the chain.

Scindapsus plan, the website of the chain how to do in order to be included and bring traffic to the site, small as we share a few:

1 if you are interested, can apply for a blog columnist, such as Sina, Tianya, and other large web site for a blog column, perfect personal data, Add URL, write some industry analysis experience sharing some more professional articles, the readability is higher. The article with website links, so that if someone will also be reproduced to link.

by A5 training Cheng Cheng finishing release, small QQ8834736, with the hope that more stationmaster communicate with experience.

5 high quality soft link, want to become a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, is marketing soft writing skill. The soft and links not only can contribute in the forum, and can also go to sending some related articles with links to the QQ group, at the same time, you can also add your own QQ no.. As long as the writing is good, will inevitably lead to a lot of traffic, but also to make some friends from the same industry. This effect is very obvious, the key is to adhere to.

6 there can not be ignored is to reply, after sending a post after, remember to reply, reply content can be added outside the chain, of course not pure the chain, because now very intelligent search engine. This is more conducive to the collection of love Shanghai.