Let the five specific measures to love Shanghai daily updated snapshot

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two. Site outside the chain

website content must be original, at least pseudo original, not completely rely on the content of the collection, search engines love fresh contents, especially for the performance of the original love Shanghai, pay more attention to the important standard of love Shanghai snapshot update speed. Of course, there are master opposed, that some have high weight website in the release of some not original content, the love of Shanghai is still the second, but I am here for the new, original content in the ranking is better than the collection content, this point at present can not produce controversy.

update the content on the website after the initiative to love Shanghai to submit these contents of the URL, there is a dispute this, but I think it is entirely feasible, many webmaster friends think it will lead to the site by K, but if this is so, that love can be said that Shanghai is " the most stupid " search; the engine, because we can directly submit the opponent’s URL, opponents of the site is K, you say Shanghai will let us do this, the answer is no..


is generally considered number of spider crawling are associated with the snapshot update speed, and the number of new sites most of the spider crawling depends on the number of the chain, because the spider will " to find a link to follow it; " this link to web crawling once, so if the number of our chain many natural spider crawling more, similar to this chain is simple, the high weight of the blog, website, forum, classified information left in the chain can be their own, it is worth noting that not even leave the site outside the chain, it should be as much as possible with the original or false original theme Esther, if replies try to sit on the sofa, " " it can be outside the chain to maximize the role of.

referred to here is mainly for the love Shanghai snapshot, webmasters may also tend to love Shanghai snapshot update speed is concerned, this is because in the past experience we found that the new station from the start line to the back of the weight increase gradually, the update speed of love Shanghai snapshot can play the role of a description, for example the new line was first included after the snapshot may be in the next month or longer stay in the first day after being included, the website content, chain operation, weight accumulation, the update speed of love Shanghai snapshot will accelerate, from half a month, a week later if the operation can be done properly snapshot is updated every day, these are improved weight phenomenon, through reverse thinking can be learned, the snapshot update speed is equal to the weight of ascension, today I will To talk about how to make love in Shanghai every day we update snapshot. The following suggestions about the author:

Four. Use The snapshot

Three. Submit updates to