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The optimization route unchanged think users think do the user needed

SEOER must understand their own optimization of targeted groups love how users think, think, do the needs of users, in order to promote the long-term development of a site. When a user searches for a word, hard to search your home, then the user will click in reading, when reading is found after the information you need, you will be on this site for more see or contact customer consultation, and promote the conversion rate of climb.

you have to do what you think before you do what the user wants. As a webmaster, you are not only the optimizer, but also you are the user. To be a successful optimizer, you have to be a qualified user first. If even a qualified user can not do, then want to optimize the success of a site, the crown network Xiaobian feel a little difficult. So how do you become a qualified user, read more

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The new mode of pen tracing station website orders long profit

network development, the progress of the times, the network in people’s eyes, is not just the media bearing information. And people make money first, the network gave birth to one of the IT "expert", also contributed to the growth and development of this seemingly webmaster fashion industry, five years ago, perhaps you can because you are a webmaster and proud, five years later you might because he is a webmaster and helpless. Stationmaster, this road is no longer so good. The hao123 model has been very difficult to reach. Every day is site, statistics, traffic. Day and night the update, only let yourself feel gratified is to see the instant flow thousands of pride, union exploited, and how much do the webmaster to hand. IP GG every day tens of thousands of There are plenty of people who stand only 2-3 knife. But I like the webmaster of this industry, although a lot of loneliness and helplessness, but I yearn for the freedom of their own control of time, the webmaster in addition to do stand, we still have more ways to make money. The following to discuss with you. read more

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Taobao commodity page how to set up can better improve store conversion rate


customers come in from your ads to your store, they see your merchandise page. At this point, the customer will have two choices, one is to buy, and the other is to leave. As sellers, we are more hope that customers can buy our products, then how to do that? Please follow Li thunder’s ideas to analyze how to set up the product page, to better enhance the conversion rate of stores.

, let’s consider from the consumer’s point of view, what does the product page need to tell the consumer? read more

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On the construction of gate apartment in Zhuhai Special Administrative Region

was the first to introduce the site of my own — Zhuhai medical network (075691.com), the name of the site with 91 pure digital pronunciation is a homonym, 0756 is the area code for Zhuhai, it’s easy to remember, but I am extremely hard to publish, collection of articles, the total number reached thousands of articles, but also with some free sites included website submit, but a week later, Baidu began to included, however, the most terrible is just a home page, or when I install the program website snapshot when, really let me very angry. read more

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The four dimension reveals the mystery of operation for you

hopes that every new and old operating partner will continue to upgrade their capabilities and equip them with the road of big coffee industry.

every person who enters the job market or every job hopping person has several problems: what kind of job do I want to do? What’s the right job for me? What kind of work can I do? It all reflects on one’s own reflection and thinking about work.

said of work, from the birth of the Internet to today, the prevalence of mobile Internet, accompanied by numerous jobs alternating and job iteration. Especially in the Internet plays an important role in the operation, but also a variety of positions, called indefinite. So that people who want to engage in operations, I do not know how to choose, but also a lot of people who initially entered the operation for 1-2 years confused. read more

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Personal website promotion several good methods

first, let’s talk about the feelings:

just when the website, every day there is a must do is to go online to collect information on website promotion!


also studied several months of engine knowledge, fortunately, a few months of hard and finally were not in vain, to the flow of the engine has been stable in thousands of IP. and so on the engine after a few months. However, overnight Baidu actually blocked many pages, only a few tens of thousands of pages of page! (looking for a pain ah! One day, is to understand why, on him is not a permanent solution, the initial concern is to become a reality)! Okay, I feel quite carefully, through their own efforts, the discharge loss of Baidu make up over 35 days read more

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Adsense Western Union remittance process complete record

AdSense ads on the

website, when the income of more than 100 U.S. dollars, you can receive the payment of advertising fees paid by Google. In this paper, the garden record is recorded through the Western Union remittance process, and we hope to help the students who will receive the US dollar soon.

benefits of using Western Union

Adsense currently offers only two types of payment, one is to pay the advertising fee by mail check, and the other is the Western Union introduced by the garden. Use the mail has a big disadvantage is timeliness, probably in about a month to receive a check, and the use of safe delivery if there is US$25.00 fee, obviously it is a very fair charge to the webmaster. read more

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Film and television stations need to adhere to

used to fantasize about making money by standing. Then I realized how hard it was! Say, let me do my history,


was interested in computers when I was in high school, so I learned something about the Internet. I suddenly realized that it was easy to do it.

on the Internet to find a simple movie station procedures, slowly change yourself, then read high school, you know, in addition to learning or learning, do not know much. Made a stand out, and is collected! The result, Baidu included me thousands of pages, but that is almost 0 traffic flow, and then the black heart space business on foot, read more

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From entry to mastery Discuz Application Center Operations Guide

not long ago, Kang Sheng company (Comsenz) officially released the new version of Discuz, X2.5 and Discuz application center. Discuz! Application center not only represents the Discuz! Third open, and is famous for its convenience, so it is described as the support of a key operation, convenient for Adsense? The first time to download the new version, decided to take a look.

software name: Discuz, X2.5


software version: official version of

software size: 9.22MB

software license: free

applicable platform: Win9X, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003 read more

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How to solve the fine operation by data analysis

author red bean paste, currently employed in the free wealth (Internet + supply chain finance) company, founder of Shenzhen North South Network studio. Operate the old driver, SEO engineer. Micro signal: fay_082510, welcome harassment! ~~

The background of

refinement operation, how to use data analysis to solve the problem: growth in traffic operations and user operations, product operations and content operations, today will give you recommend sharing GrowingIO (data analysis tool) in the data operation experience. read more

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