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Let the five specific measures to love Shanghai daily updated snapshot

> snapshot complaints

is a website of

two. Site outside the chain

website content must be original, at least pseudo original, not completely rely on the content of the collection, search engines love fresh contents, especially for the performance of the original love Shanghai, pay more attention to the important standard of love Shanghai snapshot update speed. Of course, there are master opposed, that some have high weight website in the release of some not original content, the love of Shanghai is still the second, but I am here for the new, original content in the ranking is better than the collection content, this point at present can not produce controversy. read more

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Of private detective network how to Shanghai Dragon

query tool, collect as much as possible query tool sites, such as webmaster nets webmaster tools, sky alliance query tool, 114best query tools and so on, the Taizhou Ace not to collect the 50 website. As long as you put the website you need the query again, every day, usually included. There were also a lot more of the chain.

3, the network favorites, everyone should understand well, such as the Shanghai love collection, music search, Links platform, QQ bookmarks, you can use these.

private detective in the country has been belong to the sensitive topic, and as a private detective company is more such, they do not like other businesses, a salesman or the telephone marketing, they can call you need a private detective. So they only can arise in the network and figure, a private detective website promotion is so important. Presumably the competition is very large. Taizhou Ace after about two priority from different parts of the business of a Private Investigation company, the work is so difficult. Then the next Taizhou Ace (Shanghai dragon) will explain how the key regional private detective to love the first in Shanghai, and keep the. Mainly from the inside and outside of the chain is. read more

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Love Shanghai in Shanghai Longfeng future adjustment direction prediction algorithm

For example,

in recent years, social networking sites have become increasingly popular in people’s lives such as kaixin001贵族宝贝 and renren贵族宝贝, the major portals such as micro-blog, at present due to various reasons, the website of the external links still have not been incorporated into the algorithm, but in the future, personally think that the search engine will be more and more popular on these sites the link may even go beyond the forum in the future the proportion of chain external links in Shanghai dragon. read more

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Junior WPS tutorial insert text link anchor text and rapid alignment

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

find the menu on the left side of the brush paste button click the downward triangle. Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

website right down topics:

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

fast layout


anchor text

often in the operation of the word document in the text from the chaos picked up or arranged inconsistencies and other common problems, if the WPS demo is inserted inside the large text box, but not with good will look very messy, so we need to align these text boxes. A manual alignment, apparently trivial operation, and no patient, if have to fast the layout and increase the anchor text, today we give you an example of the operation according to the show! Is a disorder of the example below us step by step to tell you how to quickly let him return to normal read more

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Huang Cong the path name should pay attention to 3 points

of course not to the domain name and keyword Pinyin, all is the best, such as w w w.99jianfei.c o m can get some evaluation, but it will cause the domain name length is too long, the user experience is not a good thing.

3, if the path is too long, it only contains the main keywords, such as a column of "children"

3 points Keywords

2, which must include the path to optimize the key words, but don’t let the key words repeated in the path, such as our domain name is tongzhuang.c o M. There is a section to do the word "children’s picture", then the path of this column is not tongzhuang.m/tongzhuangtupian/ and should be tongzhuang.c o m/tupian/. read more

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Love Shanghai know the enterprise question phenomenon

but today in the group suddenly found a friend sent a love of Shanghai know that the enterprise answer to do marketing content, since 2012 for the love love Shanghai Shanghai know the audit is more and more serious, it has been for the love of Shanghai know marketing strong blow. As long as love in Shanghai knew that obvious promotional content will be deleted, it indicated that the reason is a violation of the relevant provisions of the Shanghai know love, love does not comply with the rules of Shanghai know this kind of words. So, gradually for marketing or other marketing people, for the love of Shanghai know is not in love. There are a few points. read more

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The 63 year old founder of PHS nternet platform cars availableZine founder road means entrepreneurs

in 2010, Wang Zuguang began looking for new impetus. At that time, Wang Zuguang invested in a power company in the United states. Electronic engineers Wang Zuguang, slowly think electric car is not difficult to imagine, relative to traditional cars is relatively simple, because it is dominated by electronic control, rather than mechanical controlled.

Wang Zuguang think there may be a play, they gradually entered the vehicle research and development. As a result, it took a year to develop a prototype, and a longer process from prototype to mass production. Wang Zuguang has spent nearly $6 million in personal investment. read more

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love Shanghai achievement search new ways

my achievements, because of curiosity mischief, then click to enter and see how, after reading I smiled to admire, love all purpose in Shanghai is to the user experience, this page let these visitors more good to hear or see.

www.bjhxmy贵族宝贝 door carefully written, A5 first, please indicate the source, thank you

user experience from life, whether it is required for entertainment, knowledge, life, the problems encountered in our mind is the first thing that comes to Baidu figure, this function is related to the Shanghai love life are concentrated together in your tasks at the same time, I know where I grew a lot of knowledge. As figure second highlights, product experience division of the botanist in the water is what kind of flowers flowers, plants absorb formaldehyde and what plant read more

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Love the sea box guangtiandi Shanghai Longfeng the end of hills and rivers

known as the "world wide box, unlimited innovation" love Shanghai recently in a period of time the magic change a lot, from the love of Shanghai open platform to open data platform, change from the search box to search engine ranking changes, we can not help but ask, love Shanghai "box wide world" is not true "World Wide Box"? We from another point of view, we first look at the word "beauty", in the love of Shanghai index is 60000-90000 million check traffic flow, as the word "Duke" one day there are more than 50 thousand traffic, "QQ character signature" the word one day 150 thousand more traffic. We are the "beauty" and "Duke" and "QQ character signature" this three word love Shanghai search results: read more

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Website optimization FAQ seven why not go to the website weight



7, Links trouble. This factor is often overlooked, the other content is not healthy, search engine optimization cheating, cheating will affect their website weight value, serious complicity be K what is it.

got weight?

6, the user experience of the website is poor. The search engine to determine the user experience from the content of general rate, page retention time, PV value, share reprint rate etc..

8, advertising coverage rate is too high. Love Shanghai and Google two major search engine advertising website has hinted that too much will affect the ranking weight and improve. read more

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