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Practical skills five easy steps to let you fix the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

, a careful analysis of the industry, to find a competitor,

The main content of

is also in the industry for their own to find a site than to do good competitors, why look for competitors? Because of the competitors can refer to its data, content to be a reference for their own future development direction, also can put it as a goal, let oneself Shanghai Longfeng work have a clear goal, so more power to promote Shanghai dragon plan. Through the analysis of the competition but also know the user characteristics, target value, love what what, what are the characteristics of the data, it can reduce the time for themselves, with such important data as a reference, you can make faster and more accurate do website optimization, increase their competitiveness. read more

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The face of Google’s semantic analysis algorithm how to layout the content of the website

semantic analysis is the search engine to do, but also our analysis of user needs to do. Of course, users enter a keyword, you can most accurately analyze the real needs of users to search the word? For example, users in the search for Shanghai dragon, how do you know that the user is looking for him to know what is the Shanghai dragon, or he.

we’re talking about how to deal with the semantic analysis algorithm, we need to understand what Google will launch a semantic analysis algorithm. Because only know why to make truly meet the needs of users of content. We look at what is called semantic search, semantic search, search engines work is no longer adhere to the literal request user input statement itself, but look through the phenomenon of nature, accurately capture user input to the true intentions behind the statement, and to search for, to more accurately return to the user the most meet the demand of the search results. read more

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